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I Finally Pulled a Lion's Tail

A colorful 100 page coffee table collection of the recent phoetry works of Barry Jay Freeman, including 50 poems with photos, sketches, and clip art illustrations for each poem. All (but one) of the poems are of the rhyming/metered variety and, with wit and humor, describe the human condition, nature’s ironies, and the inevitable circle of life. The book features the wild animals of Africa, but includes pet dogs and cats(plus a guppy) with some humans thrown in for good measure. It is for adults and children alike, especially to be enjoyed together.



I Finally Pulled A Lion’s Tail  is available for sale at in a coffee table, hard cover print edition, 13”X11” for $116.95*. It can also be purchased in a soft cover, print, bookcase edition, 8”X10” for $56.95; in another smaller soft cover, print, bookcase edition, 8.5”X8.5 for $24.95; and a Kindle eBook edition for $14.95. Because this Kindle eBook is in color, it can only be downloaded to the following devices: Kindle for iPad, Kindle for Android Tablets, Kindle for Android Phones,  Kindle for Windows 8, Kindle Cloud Reader Fire Phone, Kindle Fire (1st Generation),  Kindle Fire (2nd Generation),  Kindle Fire HD (1st Generation), Kindle Fire HD 8.9",  Kindle Fire HD (2nd Generation),  Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.''


*Prices are attributable to the high cost of printing and Amazon’s costs, with little in the way of royalties left for the author. Since a new copy of Never Pull A Lion’s Tail (published in 2006) is available via Amazon’s suppliers for over $90 (plus shipping), these prices are sadly in line with reality.

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