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Biography of the Author


Barry J. Freeman is a retired Chicago attorney who now lives in suburban Lincolnshire, Illinois, with his beautiful, curly-haired wife, two face-licking, overindulged dogs, and one love-but-ignore-you cat. He and his wife have improved the world by giving it two female and two male children, who have, in turn, given them five wonderful grandsons destined to do great things. Almost a year ago, Audry Lazarus, his first and only great-granddaughter, was born to Brett and Kim Lazarus (thank you).

Since his retirement, the author has published two collections of his light poetry: Never Pull A Lion’s Tail and I Finally Pulled A Lion’s Tail (both of which are photographically illustrated ); seven novels: And Other Immoral Purposes; A Tale of Two Lawyers (both of which explore the law business, a subject about which he knows well); The Wanted; Ahmed's List; Assassination in Santo Domingo; Assignment Los Alamos: To Catch a Hacker; and Finding Leila. He has also published a book primarily for kids, containing two illustrated short stories in verse, Nero the Hero and Who Are those Strange Creatures? (the former is about a captured African elephant, and the latter about a baboon, both of whom are heroes). Writing has taken him out of the jaws of retirement and has become his full-time passion. A Tale of Two Lawyers, The Wanted, and Ahmed's List are in print, in ebooks, and are now out also as audio books.

Barry J Freeman

35 Lincolnshire Drive

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

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