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Assignment Los Alamos: To Catch A Hacker

Mossad Agent Ari Stern is assigned to find a fugitive Iranian computer hacker, Ashraf Nazari, who has popped up at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and to determine his reason for being there. He is suspected of shooting a guard in pursuit of hacking the lab's Supercomputer information, and it is believed he is trying to steal the plans for a new hack-proof computer system based upon advances in quantum physics. Ari invites Agent Stella as his assistant, Leah his wife, his American friends the Bensons, with Sam, Stella's US Navy fiancé, for pleasure mixed with business at Taos Ski Valley, a short drive from Los Alamos.  Coincidentally, Stern and entourage stay at the ski resort hotel where a disguised Nazari is hiding with Leila, his Turkish femme fatal companion. It is the story of espionage and counter-espionage against a background of the ski mountain and all of its pleasures.

Available in hard cover, soft cover, and on Kindle

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