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Assassination in Santo Domingo is a combination of political satire and action/adventure taking place in the Dominican Republic, a banana republic with a blotchy history of dictators and military takeovers. It is the story of Raphael Trompero, a narcissistic dunce with autocratic ambitions and a corrupt mentality, who is elected president of the country in furtherance of a nefarious plan by Iran to gain influence in Central America. When Trompero outlives his usefulness to Iran, the Iranians decide to kill and replace him with an Iranian general.

As their plan unfolds, Ari Stern, an aging Mossad agent, his wife, Leah, and their close American friends, the Bensons, arrive in the Dominican Republic for their winter vacation at the suggestion of their young friend, US Naval Ensign Sam Goldberg, who urges them to stay in his parents’ (Carlos and Carlotta Goldberg’s) palatial home in Santo Domingo  (the Dominican capital). Their vacation is disrupted when they bump headlong into the Iranian assassination plot, and it becomes Ari Stern’s mission to eliminate both the plot and Trompero with the help of the cast of friends gathered at the Goldbergs’, including Sam, Stella (Sam’s Mossad agent new love) , and a dear friend summoned from US protective custody.

Note: Any similarity between Trompero and a president of the United States is purely intentional.

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